Identify Your Staff and Visitors

Biometric identification and credential authentication

Fingerprint Identification Keep track of personnel, visitors and associates
Fingerprint Identification Use as time and attendance
Fingerprint Identification Integrate with existing employee management solution
Versatil-ID Credential Identification
Identification through PIN, barcode, contactless card and biometric fingerprint on their own or combined as well as our unique photo-id feature.
Connects to Microsoft's Azure™, SQL Server™, Oracle™, Access™ and can map to an existing database reading and writing directly to it.
Includes biometric fingerprint identification with support for top of the line readers, select from Lumidigm, Digital Persona and Orcanthus.
Use as standalone for identification, access control or attendance or integrate into security, human resources or payroll processes.
Modern, intuitive, robust and fully supported, Versatil-ID eliminates the need of specialized installation and costly dedicated maintenance.
Fingerprint scanner
Versatil-ID is Windows 8 Compatible.
Versatil-ID is reliable, innovative and customizable identification!
Worldwide acclaimed unique identification software with multiple identification modes, support for a variety of database engines, exportable data in any imaginable format including a report designer, fully configurable by end user and video tutorials for a smooth implementation in a standalone application or integrated into new or existing projects.
Fingerprint reader


We evaluated several biometric solutions providers and after evaluating them on cost, system stability and customer support, Versatil-ID stood out from all the rest. Their customer support is simply amazing! They always take our recommendations very seriously and have incorporated these into two of their system upgrades. I highly recommend Versatil-ID for identity verification and employee attendance tracking.
Mr. Collins Kiplangat
Vineyard Computers Ltd
Kericho, KENYA
Used in our nutrition programs out in the field running on a tablet with fingerprint and PIN to authenticate and follow up the food distribution to children deserving health recovery over long periods of time and to synchronize food portion according to our SQL medical programs database.
Michel Chapot
We have been working around 4 years with this solution at our workplace and in other cities to control attendance, we receive information periodically by e-mail, resulting in a very reliable solution and the support is adequate and timely.
Ing. Abelardo Mirafuentes Espinosa
IT Subdirector
Junta de Caminos del Estado de Mexico, Mexico
We have used the application installed on Windows tablets to control time and attendance using fingerprint in over 20 offices around the city for the past four years. Data is exported to our payroll software. It has always worked properly and support is excellent.
Guillermo de León
Human Resources Subdirector
DIF Estado de Mexico, Mexico
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Intuitive interface Context menus with right click User badge report with QR barcode for identification with webcam Identification window with barcode reading through webcam Select database engine, identification mode and access control Attendance report sorted by event tag WYSIWYG report designer Predesigned reports with filters for dates, users and departments Columns added in any order for exported data records formatting Top database engines supported Exported record date formatting with visual feedback Biometric fingerprint reader selector Custom reports can include charts, barcodes and more Over 40 themes and skins to choose from Totally customizable Export periodicity in minutes, hours or by specific days Support for sending emails directly from application Users can be grouped by departments for sorting and filtering Reports and tables can be filtered by multiple criteria Data can also be exported manually and records viewed or sent by email Company logo and access to application Video tutorials, user guide and knowledge base ease implementation Quick setup by connecting to existing database or drag and drop from Excel
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